Building a Shared Society in South East Asia? Social Cohesion Policy Review of Vietnam

This event is part of the cooperation between the Club de Madrid Shared Societies Project and the Social Cohesion Unit of the OECD Development Center.

The presentation by Ji-Yeun Rim, a political analyst of the OECD Development Center, was attended by staff of the Club de Madrid and the Elcano Institute, as well as members of the academia and the diplomatic community and exhibited important information concerning the analysis of a plethora of social indicators, such as social cohesion, the social, professional and inter-generational mobility, as well as the social protection system, social insurance and assistance of the Vietnamese state.

This review, along with the above indicators, will serve as the pilot for a new program of the OECD that will analyze and compare a total of 10 countries from various regions such as Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Read the Social Cohesion Policy Review of Vietnam, by the OECD Development Centre at