Club de Madrid is a firm believer in partnerships. Solutions to the challenges democracy faces require thorough expertise, dialogue and collaboration by building bridges between distinct sectors of society and across the globe. For more information, please contact:

Dialogue between China and the World

President’s Circle

Club de Madrid offers like-minded individuals, foundations and corporate actors the opportunity to join us and make a difference in advancing democratic practice and leadership where it is most needed.

The President’s Circle provides this opportunity. Those who join this select visionary group share our values and goals and, together with our Members, commit their support to forging local and global change towards a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable society. They can contribute to our agenda and increase their access to unparalleled thought leadership on global and national affairs whilst networking with a unique group of world leaders. The President’s Circle is, thus, a unique platform for an open exchange of views and experiences at the highest level. Its Members are encouraged to engage with Club de Madrid leaders in various ways. With a four-tier structure and incremental levels of benefits in terms of access and visibility, the Presidents’ Circle meets once a year in an Advisory Session with our Board of Directors.


Dialogue between China and the World

Programmatic Partners

We engage with the brightest experts and most relevant organizations be it at the local, regional or international level, as knowledge or implementation partners. Knowledge partners contribute specifically towards content development within their speciality, whilst implementation partners collaborate in the organization of activities often through in-kind contributions.

Dialogue between China and the World

Financial Partners

Many of our initiatives are financed through multiple sources of funding.

We encourage institutions, public or private, to come on board as financial partners in order to increase the level of partnership and their own voice and visibility throughout a specific project. Financial partners have a say in the design and implementation process, an active role in the program and on and offline visibility in all project material if desired.
Dialogue between China and the World

Third-Party Collaborations

Our collaboration in the initiatives of other like-minded institutions.

This can take different forms, ranging from the participation of specific Member/s as speaker/s to the actual design of a workshop or conference on a topic of mutual concern with the engagement of Club de Madrid Members. These collaborations can be tailored to the interest of our partners and require a collaboration fee that contributes to the sustainability of our organization.