Letter Articles

New Year’s Message from the President of Club de Madrid

The world is in turmoil and existential challenges to humankind, such as global warming, remain inadequately addressed

Advocacy letter on Article 17 of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA)

Democracies worldwide are struggling in an era where digital transformation is shaping how we access and process information. Club de Madrid (CdM) is determined to support all efforts by EU Member States and European institutions to ensure the full respect and...

Eminent Persons Open Letter on the United Nations Summit of the Future

Open letter: To Heads of State and Government, United Nations Member States: Strengthening the United Nations: A Once in a Generation Opportunity Excellencies, As former Presidents, Prime Ministers, senior UN officials and ministers of government we believe that the...

Open Letter to the Leaders of the Republic of Georgia

We appeal to Georgian President, Prime Minister and all Georgian authorities to take the necessary legal steps to make it possible for President Saakashvili to receive medical treatment