Club de Madrid calls to stop violence in Egypt

The Club de Madrid also expresses its grief and deep condolences to all the victims of the intolerance that Egypt is suffering.

In this unstable situation constructive dialogue is essential. The Club de Madrid offers the experience and commitment to peace and democracy of its Members, all of them democratically elected former Prime Ministers and Head of States, to help Egypt recuperate constitutional order, hold free and fair elections as soon as possible and reinstate the civilian-led government that the people clearly desire. The Arab Spring and its call for freedom, justice and improved socio-economic perspectives must not be silenced or distorted by violence. There are many possible outcomes to the present situation but all of them must be inclusive and cohesive and based on practical and positive dialogue. Diversity must serve to unite, not to exclude.

The Club de Madrid calls for an immediate stop to violent action by all parties involved, violence that can only lead to another day of rage and massacre and an unbearable toll of casualties.