Club de Madrid condemns Istanbul’s rampage

Club de Madrid strongly condemns last night attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport that has killed at least 36 people and injured another 140. Our thoughts are with their families, wishing a quick recovery to those who have been wounded.

The 112 Members of our organization, all of them democratically elected former Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world, are fully committed to continue and intensify the work done during the last 11 years in this field, mobilizing political will towards building a clear response to violent extremism. In October 2015, Club de Madrid launched the ‘Global Consensus’ a document containing a set of principles and ideas to counter and prevent violent extremism wherever it happens while respecting human rights and democratic values.

As the recent attacks not only in Istanbul, but also in Orlando, Baghdad, Brussels, Paris or Lebanon, remind us, this effort is now more needed than ever. The Club de Madrid and its Members reassure once again its readiness to contribute with their political experience and leadership to what it has to be a global answer to one of the most daunting and pressing global challenges of our time.