Club de Madrid condemns the attack on Tunisian democracy

The assault tries to sow fear among its population, hit the most important economic source of the country and menace the legitimate aspirations of freedom and progress nurtured by Tunisians since the 2011 uprising that inspired the “Arab Spring” revolts against autocratic rule in neighboring Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen..

Club de Madrid and its Members convey their deepest grief and solidarity to the families of the victims of this attack, mainly European tourists who decided to visit a country that is trying to open a new era in its history. That process must not be stopped by violence and radicalism. Tunisians are on the right track to democracy and the rule of law and they must not be left alone in their efforts and aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous life.

The Club de Madrid condemns the attack, reaffirming the constant and unflinching compromise of its over 100 Members, who stand as ready and as willing as ever to support Tunisia in building a democracy that delivers.