Danilo Türk in Georgia to address Shared Societies

President Türk shared his longstanding experience on minority issues and human rights with different representatives of Georgia working on reconciliation, education, and other related matters. In addition, and as per the invitation from the Public Defender of Georgia, President Türk participated on the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day, addressing a broader audience on the occasion of the presentation of the Annual Human Rights Report of the country, together with the President and the Public Defender of Georgia, as well as with the EU Ambassador.
During the last day of the mission, President Türk, together with Caterina Bolognese from the Council of Europe and Gia Nodia from the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, addressed CSOs, the International Community, and Political Party representatives during a public event in which how to build a Shated Society in Georgia was discussed.
The mission was co-organized with Conciliation Resources, a peacebuilding NGO supporting people at the heart of conflicts who are striving to find solutions. Conciliation Resources works with them to deepen the collective understanding of the conflict, bring together divided communities and create opportunities for them to resolve their differences peacefully.
The Club de Madrid has built on previous successful experiences of knowledge sharing and building political trust while creating safe spaces for inclusive dialogue in countries such as Timor Leste, Bolivia, South Africa, Haiti, and Kyrgyzstan combined with the successful approaches and methodology of the Shared Societies Project.