In memoriam. Santiago Carrillo

The journey from dictatorship to democracy would not have been possible without people with vision and political stature like former Secretary General of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). His commitment to reconciliation, compromise and strong convictions helped Spain achieve a strong and lasting democracy. Those working and fighting for democracy deserve the highest recognition for their selfless acts.

Carrillo, a man of deep convictions, developed his political ideas in the most delicate way and was able to maintain his dignity under high pressure as seen the evening of the coup of February 23, 1981. His figure, ideological evolution and decisive contribution to the Spanish democratic transition have been and continue to be a symbol to the transition process as seen today by the Arab Spring.

Members and staff of the Club of Madrid pay tribute to his figure and renew the commitment of this charismatic politician who was always working to make democracy possible.


Picture: Paco CT