INSPIRED handbook, fresh ideas for inclusive ways of doing policy dialogue

The idea underlying the choice of these target countries was to test the same set of tools and techniques in five very different contexts and to observe what worked and what did not. This is what it has been all about: bringing high-level principles into common use by applying them in different contexts and then drawing lessons from these experiences to turn them into practical guidance. Under the lead of a local partner organisation, one operating in each country, each of these ‘pilot’ projects tackled one specific issue that could be addressed through policy reform: from women’s representation in political life (Ghana) to ethnic minorities and the media (Kyrgyzstan), and from social justice (Tunisia) 21 and free trade agreements (Moldova) to youth involvement within regionalisation policies (Morocco). Although for the sake of comparability the local partners were asked to follow some general methodological guidelines, they were actively encouraged to select and apply only those tools that were best suited for their local particularities and realities. The Operating Model has therefore been moulded considerably by the lessons learnt throughout the implementation of those projects.

The INSPIRED project (Integrated Support Programme for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue) is an EU funded project where the Club de Madrid is one of the leading partners in the project along with European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) and Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, in coordination with local partners in every country. 

The Operating Model is centred on evidence-based policy-making, the Operating Model also promotes the principles of transparency and accountability, which are key prerequisites for a functioning democracy. The INSPIRED handbook is made up of three phases: Collective assessment, Consensus-building and Monitoring and donor alignment. Each phase presents a series of tools and techniques that dialogue hosts and facilitators can use to make policy debate more inclusive and participatory, while keeping it oriented towards concrete results.

The full INSPIRED Handbook can be downloaded for free here. You can also download an Executive Summary of the Operating Model here. If you wish to receive a hardcopy of the Handbook or if you have questions, please contact

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