INSPIRED Multi Stakeholder Dialogue and Knowledge Sharing workshop in Madrid

The workshop brought together practitioners and experts from the fields of policy dialogue, mediation and peace building, technical assistance, and institution building to share their knowledge and experience in facilitating inclusive policy dialogue. The objective of the workshop was to share the partners’ experience with the INSPIRED methodology as well as gather relevant input and best practices on how to design, manage, monitor and evaluate inclusive multi-stakeholder policy reform processes for the development of a handbook on facilitating inclusive dialogue on policy reform in contexts of democratic transitions.

The workshop sessions looked at regional as well as national experiences from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and addressed issues such as:

  • Tools and methodology to ensure the sustainability of multi-stakeholder dialogue processes
  • Mapping of stakeholders and creating partnerships;
  • Assessment of indicators;
  • Building trust among stakeholders and working with decision makers without neglecting accountability;
  • How and when to involve government officials, MPs, and others in the dialogue process;
  • Results oriented dialogue processes and measuring trust and incentives;
  • Development of action plans and strategies; monitoring and evidence based advocacy;
  • Making accountability a reality;
  • Aligning international assistance with locally identified reform priorities; and
  • Multi-stakeholder policy dialogue from a regional perspective.

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