Killelea “Unemployment undermines peace”

The Club de Madrid believes this is an ideal moment to reflect on the future of jobs and society and what this entails for democracy but it is also time to act. Governments and multilateral organizations are struggling to address this major challenge of unemployment and social unrest and it is no news that policy makers must find coordinated answers. This is particularly relevant to the post-2015 scenario and the G20 agenda. During the Conference we will seek to share best practices and identify strategies that can serve to tackle the structural problems present, in different shapes and forms, in societies worldwide, by addressing what improvements are needed in policies and institutions to ensure economic growth, “decent jobs” and greater prosperity for all.

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We will also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Killelea and the work of the Institute for Economics and Peace. They have made it into the Top 50 Philanthropic Gifts in Australia. If you want to help to put peace in the spotlight then please vote for the Institute for Economics and Peace to make it to the Top 10. Read more here.