Launch of the LEND Network by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The LEND Network is a “new tool that will help countries navigate the transition to sustainable democracy” as described by Secretary Clinton, and is being supported by the Community of Democracies, the US State Department, together with Governments of Sweden, Estonia, and Chile, Google, OpenText, and Dialcom, as well as by the Club de Madrid.

The Club de Madrid offers the unique experience of the Club de Madrid Members to the LEND e-platform participants, as well as the organization of two face-to-face meetings with government representatives of Moldova and Tunis, as the two first countries in a democratic transition using this tool.

Secretary of State Clinton stated that “LEND will use the latest communications technology to give leaders access to a global network of experts to share best practices on building institutions, implementing democratic reform, and strengthening the rule of law. (…) It employs the latest communications technology, including tablet computers and video conferencing, to create an online forum where leaders can exchange information on building their own democracies and answering questions.”

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