Moussa Mara visits Uganda to contribute to the strengthening of democracy

Club de Madrid Member Moussa Mara visited Uganda this week and participated in several meetings and events with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of democracy in the country through greater inclusion of youth and women.

He took the opportunity to meet with our WYDE Network of Young Decision-makers Participant Doreen Nyanjura, Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala Capital City.

Together they talked about the project and exchanged views on the situation of youth political participation in their countries and how to improve it. #YDC #YouthDemocracyCohort

They also discussed the political situation of women and their problems in Uganda with Interparty Women Platform. They play a crucial role in advocating for gender equality and empowering women to actively participate in political decision-making processes.

Mara acted as keynote speaker on the role of youth in building and safeguarding democratic values in today’s world at the Graduation of the Uganda Democracy Academy of The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD).

2When I founded my political party, I proposed constitutional term limits for leadership positions to underline the enduring importance of the party over the mandate of any individual.

“As leaders, our responsibility is to use our influence for the greater good and to shape a better future.”

“If we want to promote real democracy in Africa, we must invest in the youth”.