“New Fault lines in Europe: the political consequences of Brexit”, by John Bruton

John Bruton, former PM of Ireland (1994-1997) delivered the Grattan lectura in the Irish Embassy in London last Monday 12 of june. In his own words, he describes the background to Brexit and the exemption the UK already enjoyed as an EU member; The lectura explains why Ireland is not following the UK example, and why and how the Brexit negotiation will divert talented people from more constructive work.

It explains why a common system of making , amending enforcing and interpreting rules make the EU Single market much more effective than a mere trade agreement.

According to Mr. Bruton, the Brexit has adverse effects on the Good Friday agreement, and he explains the challenges the EU and Ireland will have to tackle in future, notably in the areas of security, terrorism, the protection of critical infrastructure and defence.

Finally it looks at the result of the UK Election , which allows an opportunity for the UK to change its decision to leave the EU Customs Union.

Read the full lecture here.