Second Club de Madrid mission to Libya

This High Level Mission to Libya, under the project “Political Leadership for Democratic Transitions in the MENA Region: Initial Trust Building Missions in Libya, Tunisia and Jordan”, is supported by the European Union. It aims at bringing CdM Members’ democratic experience to stakeholders and policy makers in three countries (Libya, Jordan, Tunisia), currently immersed in democratic reform processes.

Prime Minister Buzek  is focussing on the opportunities and challenges faced by the recently elected Libyan government in planning and implementing a national roadmap and strategy addressing issues such as  state model, political and economic reform, security sector reform, electoral and political party legislation, constitutional drafting, strengthening women’s political and economic participation, and enhancing the role of political parties and civil social organizations. Based on the outcomes of these meetings, the Club de Madrid hopes to further engage with the top leadership of Libya to develop and implement longer-term in-country projects based on the country’s needs.

This is the second high level mission to Libya the first one was led by former Prime Minister Wim Kok (The Netherlands) in June 2012.