Today we are all Haitians

We do not give up to the temptation of discouragement, because we know the future lies in hope. Just as in 1804 Haitians freed themselves from fear; they will now become free from despair and pain, recognizing their capacities and dignity. The future of Haiti is its own hands, and in its many capabilities, to which we join our efforts and commitment.

Haitians are the beholders of their own future, and we are with them to make their hopes a reality. We are with those who overcame pain and individual losses and joined the collective efforts of reconstruction, as did many civil servants, doctors, teachers, etc.

In Haiti, like in any other country, a legitimate and strengthened institutional structure is the main assurance that the country’s reconstruction is in accordance with the will of Haitians. We remain attentive to the resolution of the current electoral process within the framework provided by the Constitution and the laws, and in agreement with all those involved.

We value the work of the international community that brings to Haiti the commitment citizens from around world have expressed to hold Haiti up. Their coordinated efforts, in collaboration with Haitian leaders, has to provide answers for the immediate needs of rubble removal and dismantling of IDP camps; as well as for the implementation of a comprehensive project for the future development of a Haiti, free from international dependence. Our efforts will only be sustainable if we work for the Haitians and with the Haitians.

We are all Haitians, we are all with Haiti. The Club of Madrid is with the Haitian leaders, to whom the members of this organization support and encourage in the institutional reconstruction of the country. We join our partners specially the European Union, the MINUSTAH, the OAS and CARICOM, and moreover our Haitian friends. Today we are one of them, today we are with them.