Welcome to Perú!

They met with relevant actors of the Peruvian civil society, the Government (including the Prime Minister and the Minister for Social Inclusion) and International Community, as well as with the Global Center for Development and Democracy presided over by Club de Member Alejandro Toledo. The purpose of the mission was to identify potential partners as well as political interest in a project in Peru that would apply the commitments and approaches developed by the Club de Madrid to build Shared Societies in the country.

Peru has a notably diverse society and we envisage that the implementation of the Shared Societies project in this nation would represent a great opportunity to improve ties amongst all sectors of Peruvian society and foster an Inclusive and Shared Society in the country. During this mission we have consulted key local actors and have met both with government officials and relevant civil society stakeholders.

The Shared Societies team is optimistic of securing funding for this initiative, and Alejandro Toledo, former President of Perú and Member of the Club de Madrid, has also expressed his support to this project.