Date and place of birth:

23 January 1942. Zavkhan, Mongolia.


Ochirbat graduated in 1965 with a degree in mining and Engineering at the Mining Institute of Leningrad University.  He then obtained a Ph.D. in Technical Engineering Science and another one in Economic Sciences; in Moscow and Saint Petersburg Universities respectively.

Member of the Mongolia academy of Sciences since 2011; he  has also been awarded with Honorary Doctorates in the Mining Institute of Saint Petersburg, the Technical University of Mongolia and  the Dandung University of the Republic of Korea; being also laureate with the title of Honorary Lawyer by the Vyazlian Institute of Texas, USA.

Professional Experience:

Punsalmaa Ochirbat started his professional career as an Officer of the Ministry of Industry in Mongolia in 1967. After being a supervising engineer for five years in the Sharyn Gol mine, Orchibat started his career within the Government of Mongolia, as deputy minister, reaching the presidency of the country in 1990.

Political Career:

As Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mining, he started his run on the Mongolian Government in 1972. After his first 4 years, he became head of that same Ministry, holding that position until 1985. In the two following years, Ochirbat performed in the Asian country’s government as Chairman of the State Committee for External Economic Relations.

Bearing the position of Minister for External Economic Relation and Cooperation until 1990 and then acting as Speaker of the Parliament from March until September 1990; Punsalmaa Ochirbat finally reached the Presidency of Mongolia in that same year; staying in office until 1997.

After his run on the governmental sphere, Ochirbat founded and currently chairs the “Ochirbat Foundation” and has been a member of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia from 2005 to 2016. Nowadays, he also holds the position of Director of the Ecological Center of the Science and Technology University of Mongolia.


Punsalmaa Ochirbat has been awarded with the National Order “Polar Star”,  the 50th 60th Anniversary medals of the People’s Revolution , the Medal for Distinguished Service of Hungary and the “Mu Gun Hwan” Order of the Republic of Korea.

The former Mongolian president has also written a variety of scientific articles and books, mainly based on mining industry.