Roundtable on the value of science and research in political decision-making

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of the role of science and research in public policy and decision making. Research investment is part of prevention and preparedness efforts and defines the capacity to respond to potential future health emergencies.

Countering misinformation is also a critical element in a public health emergency. It’s essential that governments are able to lead the information space with facts and evidence provided by health experts.

Evidence-based policy seeks to base its development on knowledge generated with a high degree of rigor. Evidence can support the process from problem identification to policy formulation and implementation. It can also determine the impact of the policy and the adjustments needed to improve its results and applicability to different populations. This approach places the best available scientific evidence at the center of policy development and implementation.


September 27th
16:00h – 17:30h (CET)
Salón de Grados – Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Pozuelo de Alarcón | Madrid