Supporting Democratic Transition and Consolidation Processes

We have supported democratic transitions and reform processes in countries like Bolivia, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Serbia, Tunisia, South Africa and Timor Leste.

Since its creation the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid has worked to build bridges, encourage dialogue and foster inclusive and peaceful societies in the framework of good governance and democratic institutions.

The direct exchanges with current leaders on a peer-to-peer basis and our Members’ ability to deliver the right message at the right time is our main added value. In this sense, our Members has acted to strengthen democratic leadership and institutional capacity to ensure good governance at a national level in countries in transition to democracy and in consolidation processes.

We have made a positive impact in countries like Bolivia, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Serbia, Tunisia, South Africa and Timor Leste, partnering with local stakeholders to build or deepen democracy. For example:

In Serbia, after the fall of Milosevic’s autocratic regime, the WLA-CdM advocated and supported security sector reform contributing to the consolidation of the civil oversight over military forces.

In Timor-Leste, the WLA-CdM brought polarized political actors to the same table and provided peer-to-peer counsel to its leadership, helping to pave the way for successful democratic consolidation.

In Tunisia, during the last 10 years we have worked on consensus building and transitional processes, playing a significant role in supporting the democratic efforts of political and civil society leaders.

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