Club de Madrid builds on our past engagement in support of women’s political empowerment in regions like Middle East, the Horn of Africa, or Latin America to add our voice to the growing call for gender equality in politics worldwide.

Our membership includes numerous women with exemplary leadership skills, as well as men who have used their terms in office to protect and promote women’s civic and political rights. Members with sound credentials in promoting gender equality place the organization in a good position to advocate for mainstreaming the presence of women in leadership roles as part of decision-making structures of democratic institutions.

Fighting gender violence is another line of work in our efforts to promote gender equality. Our current project “Djuntu pa igualdadi: A participatory response to gender-based violence” in Cape Verde in cooperation with the European Partnership for Democracy and national NGOs.

Finally, Club de Madrid puts gender equality at the centre of its work, because our vision of democracy that delivers cannot be achieved unless all people, men and women, have equal rights and opportunities. Our organisation will honour and potentiate female leadership by making gender equality a key element not only of our programming, but also of our modus operandi. We have committed to a concrete gender pledge for this purpose. Read it in our strategy document.