A Key Week in Haiti’s Future


The mission developed within was to be a decisive week. It was hoped the Senate would vote on the choosing of a new Prime Minister whose government could unblock the impasse that halts Haiti since the election of President Martelly last May.

The delegation held working meetings with Prime Minister Bellerive, nominee Conille, President Martelly, the international community, civil society and local authorities gathered in Cape Haitien. Both meetings with the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies led to an instructive exchange on the role of the different national and local State entities.

Many of our interlocutors expressed an interest and availability to participate in a “governability compact” that would lead to a national accord on key issues for the future of the country. Parliamentarians as well as representatives of the business community and the Catholic Church, and other relevant actors shared with the delegation various preparatory documents for such an agreement.

The very harsh living conditions under which the earthquake survivors live, a reality that shocked the members of the delegation during their visit to an IDP camp, is one more unavoidable reason to advance a political pact that would lead to their relocation and the improvement of their living conditions.

Once again the Club de Madrid acted as meeting ground for the many different interests and endeavors in what could become the beginning of a Haitian debate on their common future as a nation. The various proposals for a possible Haitian dialogue/agreement share many points in common and show an ample commitment to join efforts around the future of Haiti and the wellbeing of Haitians.

The Club de Madrid is always available to support the President of Haiti in producing the agreement that Haitians may wish to produce. As a first contribution, the Club de Madrid will produce an issues paper summarizing what it found during this mission on the potential for a national compact.