Ban Ki-Moon calls for a #GlobalConsensus in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism

Mr. Ban already addressed this idea at the closing session of Club de Madrid´s 2015 Policy Dialogue on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, in which a Global Consensus against violent extremism was created. “We must recognize that our response needs to be unified and multi-dimensional. Human rights must be at the forefront of our response, to avoid breeding the problems we are trying to solve. And our efforts need to be complemented by prevention”, he said during his speech.

The #GlobalConsensus is a set of principles and values, a resource and source of inspiration to political leaders on how to respond to the daunting challenge of radicalization and violent extremism.

During the Policy Dialogue, the Secretary General also announced a comprehensive Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism, which was presented to the General Assembly on January 2016 and adopted in February. “The Plan will call for an ‘all of Government’, ‘all of society’ and ‘all of UN approach’ to systematically address the drivers of violent extremism at the global, regional, national and local levels”, he explained. 

The two-day meeting was the fifth review of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, an instrument adopted in 2006 to enhance national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism. Club de Madrid remains fully committed to continue its efforts to counter and prevent violent extremism and strengthen its cooperation and support to the implementation of the UN Action Plan on PVE.

Listen to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon´s speech here.