Kim Campbell will chair a new Advisory Board for appointing the Supreme Court of Canada

This independent and non-partisan Advisory Board, formed by seven members and chaired by Club de Madrid member Kim Campbell, would be in charge of identify and appoint a short list of candidates among jurist of the higher caliber. The Prime Minister, then, would consider them.


The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced earlier this week this new process for appointing the Supreme Court of the country. Although the Advisory Board would identify new candidates, any qualified Canadian lawyer or judge can apply to be considered.

The process would be transparent by making public the assessment criteria guiding the Advisory Board and the questionnaires and some answers of the applicants. The Minister of Justice and the chair of the Advisory Board will appear before Parliament to discuss the selection process too.

Club de Madrid applauds all efforts to promote transparency and more democratic processes such as the one announced for Canada.