Club de Madrid and P80 Foundation sign ‘Little Rock Accord’

(Photo credit: David Harten)

This Little Rock Accord will formalize the agreement reached between the Club de Madrid and the P80 Group Foundation to create a joint task force – Global Leaders for Climate and Sustainable Development Financing Action – which will act to mobilize political will to increase the role of public and private sector finance, more specifically pension and sovereign wealth funds, in driving low carbon, climate resilient, sustainable growth and increase investment in the deployment of proven technologies to address climate change challenges and growing resource shortages in the areas of energy, water, clean air and food.

The effective implementation of the Little Rock Accord could tap one of the largest sources of possible profitable investment funding available to benefit the global environment and sustainable economic development. 

P80 Description

 The origins of the P80 began with the inspiration of HRH Prince Charles, who was convinced that the world’s largest pension and sovereign wealth funds could be encouraged to increase the level of their investments to benefit the climate and/or sustainable development.

The goal of the P80 Group and now of the Foundation is to bring about a more rapid growth in investments, particularly addressing climate change and sustainable development resource shortages.