Global leaders form World Leadership Alliance

Photo: Geoffrey Smith of Mineralogy, representing Clive Palmer, and Wim Kok from Club de Madrid, signing the Memorandum of Understanding related to the creation of World Leadership Alliance (WLA), that will involve Club de Madrid, World Economic Council and its regional conventions. 

The World Leadership Alliance will include members of the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid, the world´s largest forum of democratically elected former presidents and prime ministers (to date 94 Members from more than 60 countries) including, among many others, William J Clinton, President of the USA (1993-2001), as Honorary Chair; Aun San Suu Kyi – Opposition Leader, Burma; Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations (1997-2007);  Jimmy Carter, President of the USA (1997-1981); and Jacques Delors, President of the EU Commission (1985-1995), as Honorary Members; Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President of Brazil (1995-2000) and Ricardo Lagos, President of Chile (2000-2006), who preceded Kok as Presidents of the Club de Madrid; and Tuto Quiroga, President of Bolivia (2001-2002) and Jennifer Shipley, PM of New Zealand (1997-1999), its current Vice Presidents. It was born 10 years ago and since then has successfully supported current leaders facing the daunting challenges of democratic development in a turbulent, new century, drawing on the individual and collective leadership experience as well as the gravitas of its Members.

The World Economic Council is a new entity made up of global business leaders who will bring their own experience in addressing global challenges and muster support for the work of the Club de Madrid and the Alliance. It will operate through regional Conventions to be established in Asia, Europe, Australasia and the Pacific Islands, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, The Middle East, and Russia.

Wim Kok went on to say:

“It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Jennifer Shipley, PM New Zealand (1997-1999) as Vice President of the World Leadership Alliance.” 

Wim Kok announced the appointment of Professor Clive Palmer (Australian businessman) and Mr Carlos Westendorp (former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Spain) as joint Secretaries General of the World Leadership Alliance.

The Board of Trustees of the World Leadership Alliance will also include four Trustees appointed by the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid from among its membership and four Trustees representing the World Economic Council who will be Mr.Clive Mensink as Treasurer, Mr.Stephen Smith – President of the United States chapter of the World Economic Council-, Mr.  Michael Palmer and a fourth Trustee to be determined.

Wim Kok, President of the World Leadership Alliance said:

 “At a time of major global turmoil, the world needs all the wisdom of all its leaders. The World Leadership Alliance plays an important role by providing access for countries to the collective wisdom of over 90 former world leaders”.