Club de Madrid calls on all parties for a constructive dialogue in Haiti

Aware of the many challenges Haiti faces, we also call on the presidential candidates to avoid any temptation to act outside procedures set forth in the Constitution of Haiti. An institutional vacuum could seriopusly jeopardize the recovery of Haiti and its socio-economic and democratic development.

We are convinced that only a resilient government, resulting from a legitimate process, can lead the reconstruction of Haiti and gather the support of the international community for a Haitian-owned vision of the country. Any endeavor contrary to this end should be brought to a halt immediately.

We call on the international community to continue supporting Haiti’s healing, renewal, development and institutional strengthening. Now more than ever, Haiti needs the support of friends that, with full respect of the country’s independence, provide the means and resources needed for Haiti to achieve true democratic development.

Club de Madrid remains committed to supporting Haiti’s future, and makes available the leadership experience of its membership to any dialogue efforts.