Club de Madrid condemns the extremists attacks in Paris

We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to those injured. In this new criminal act we stand with the victims, the Authorities and the people of France.

Extremism and violence have once again taken its bloody toll. . The Club de Madrid, formed by 110 former presidents and heads of government democratically elected in 70 countries around the world expresses its absolute rejection of this new crime.

Now, more than ever, our efforts must be  focused on informing and empowering stakeholders in the struggle against radicalization and violent extremism and the actions that governments and society must firmly and jointly undertake to effectively tackle this scourge, while respecting democracy and the rule of law.

Violent extremism is a scourge of our time. It kills the innocent. It kills our loved ones. It kills the hopes of women and men across many countries for better lives for their children and their communities. It must stop.

This is why, we, the women and men of the Club de Madrid, democratic former presidents and prime ministers, present these principles and recommendations in the pursuit of a Global Consensus on preventing and countering violent extremism, domestic and international – an urgent and shared need. Join the movement for a#GlobalConsensus