Club de Madrid Members announce principles on equity during global crises

We, the Members of the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, all democratic, former Presidents and Prime Ministers, have come together to reaffirm the primacy of equity in the response to global crises. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fault lines that disproportionately impact marginalized groups in societies around the world. To ensure that no one is left behind we are determined to promote the social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized populations world-wide in the responses to strengthen public health, economic resilience, respectful public rhetoric, global coordination and post-pandemic democratic foundations for the future both during the current crisis and in the future.

Our Principles for Equity during Global Crises

Principle #1: Inclusive public health efforts are critical for containing the pandemic and the wellbeing of all

Principle #2: Inclusive strategies are needed for the resilience of both the most vulnerable populations and the larger global economy

Principle #3: Respectful standards for inclusive discourse are required to protect vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Principle #4: Multilateral, global efforts which prioritize social inclusion are critical for the effectiveness of a coordinated strategy for the pandemic and for future efforts to transcend global crises

Principle #5: A reinvigorated focus on democratic participation and social inclusion is key for moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic towards a more responsive and resilient capacity to address global crises

The COVID-19 pandemic has tragically impacted vulnerable populations beyond the normal reach of policies. National interest and the profit motive by themselves will not secure a fair and comprehensive solution for the current pandemic or future global crises. Social inclusion is critical for ensuring that the virus does not remain active among marginalized groups and that the economic response facilitates the survival of the most vulnerable.

While the world does not need a new diplomatic document it does require clear standards to guide an effective and equitable response to this ongoing and potentially expanding tragedy, and lay the foundation for more just and inclusive responses to future crises.

The continued realities of social exclusion revealed by the pandemic will not be transcended now or in future crisis without targeted focus to leave no one behind. WLA-CDM Members are determined to seek and support equitable solutions to global crises and translate these principles into reality.