Club de Madrid Members condem the attack against Malala Yousafzai

Malala was shot in the head whilst returning from school in the city of Mingora, in the SWAT region. Recently awarded the National Peace Prize by the Pakistani Government, Mala symbolises the work that millions of women carry out in hostile conditions in order to gain their dignity, via the right to education and freedom, values which the Club de Madrid promotes through its work.

The attack against Malala was carried out by the Taliban in Pakistan, who justified it by saying that the young girls behaviour was secular and therefore, anti-Taliban. According to the Taliban, Malala´s main crime was to promote education, progression and freedom for women. She was also criticised for daring to speak out against the daily discrimination and attacks suffered by women, not only locally but across the world.

 The Club de Madrid would like to express its support for Malala and all the women who continue to fight courageously and determinedly for equality, often in highly dangerous situations. Malala´s support for the education of girls and for peace, along with her resistance against the repressive tactics of the Taliban, cannot be silenced. The Club de Madrid members wish Malala a speedy recovery from hospital so that she can be with her family, and hope that her example will serve as an inspiration, encouraging societies to commit to the fundamental values of equality, respect, progress and democracy

Read here some notes from Malala’s blog in the BBC wesite