Club de Madrid Members’ contributions on Covid-19 ongoing crisis


Former President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, writes an op-ed piece: “We cannot afford a COVID-19 lost generation”.


Former PM of New Zealand, Helen Clark provides comments for this piece: Why have female leaders been so successful in handling COVID-19?


Former PM of Norway and director-general of the WHO, Gro Harlem Brundtland: World leaders must fund a Covid-19 vaccine plan before it’s too late for millions


Former PM of New Zealand, Helen Clark, on women leadership during the pandemic: “It’s all a question of style, a different one! conversation with Ms Helen Clar Helen Clark”


Former PM of New Zealand, Helen Clark contributed to this article on the World Economic Forum blog: More, not less, multilateralism is needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt on Washington Post: The post-American world is now on full display


Former President of East Timor, José Manuel Ramos-Horta: The Pandemic World: A chance to do better.

Former President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos writes that countries thinking that they could face the pandemic by themselves were “profoundly wrong” (in Spanish) : Pandemia y la respuesta del multilateralismo

The former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, on our need to rethink the concept of security: When the Pandemic Is Over, the World Must Come Together


Former PM of New Zealand, Helen Clark on easing the lockdown in New Zealand and how the UN responded to COVID-19:
On Newstalk

Advisor José Antonio Ocampo, Director of the Economic and Political Development Program in the SIPA (University of Columbia): “The Weakness of Economic Multilateralism”

Former PM of Jamaica, Percival Patterson on why COVID-19 needs a multilateral response: Letter.


Michelle Bachelet, the former President of Chile: Why We Need To Fight This Threat Together

Former PM of Spain, Felipe Gonzalez on COVID-19 affectation in his country and the EU:

Helen Clark on Channel 4: “The WHO has been getting the right information out, but not enough countries have been listening”

Several Latin American Members of Club de Madrid join other leaders from the region in asking IMF for massive funds to elude economic catastrophe:


Gordon Brown speaks on CNN about the pledge to the G20, which sixty-one Members of Club de Madrid signed:

Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand: Missing In Action: the lack of a globally co-ordinated response to Covid-19

Julio María Sanguinetti, former President of Uruguay (in Spanish): After the coronavirus pandemic, we need to think about our everyday lives

Ricardo Lagos Escobar, former President of Chile (in Spanish): ¿Where did this world lose its compass?


Sixty-one Club de Madrid Members join pledge to the G20: Club de Madrid joins letter addressed to G20 leaders calling for global coordination amidst health and economic crisis

Op-ed signed by several Club de Madrid Members: Global leadership for the COVID-19 pandemic is the only way to leave no one behind


Club de Madrid Members: Message from Club de Madrid to the special G20 Leaders’ summit on the COVID-19 pandemic


Danilo Türk, WLA-CdM President and former President of Slovenia: Int’l cooperation against coronavirus is urgently needed

Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia: The Coronavirus and Xi Jinping’s Worldview

Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon’s Coronavirus Message to China

Zlatko Lagumdzija, former Prime Minister of Bosnia: A letter to China: After the rain, the sun comes up