A Blow to Democratic Values: Club de Madrid on the Assassination Attempt in Slovakia

16 May, 2024

We call on the international community to condemn this act of violence and to support Slovakia in its effort to maintain stability and democracy. Global solidarity is essential to confront the challenges that threaten our democratic societies

Viaje a Ítaca: A podcast by Club de Madrid and Latinoamérica21 (in Spanish)

3 May, 2024

“Viaje a Ítaca” is a series of interviews resulting from the alliance between Club de Madrid and Latinoamérica21, in which the renowned Latin Americanist academic, Dr. Manuel Alcántara, interviews prominent personalities who are Members of Club de Madrid, addressing issues related to the global, regional and national political reality of the interviewees.

65 prominent global leaders and public figures urge New York to pass groundbreaking bill addressing debt crisis

25 April, 2024

The Sovereign Debt Stability Act would promote justice on a scale that reverberates far beyond the boundaries of the Empire State

Democratic Former Heads of State and Government Call on Technology Companies to Enforce Existing Content Rules for Public Figures

22 April, 2024

“Leaders’ rhetoric on social media has real-world consequences, amplifying division and fear. As democratic former presidents and prime ministers, we are firmly committed to safeguarding democracy in the digital age, one keystroke at a time”

An Unacceptable Precedent: The Importance of a United Response to the Ecuador-Mexico Diplomatic Crisis

8 April, 2024

This crucial moment should serve as a call to action to ensure the protection of human rights and individual dignity and the promotion of democracy as a universal value

Michelle Bachelet becomes Vice-President of Club de Madrid and Moussa Mara joins the Board of Directors

8 April, 2024

The former President of Chile and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights takes over from Laura Chinchilla at the world’s largest forum of former democratic presidents and prime ministers, which Sanna Marin also joined in April 2024

Club de Madrid addresses climate change challenge in its Leadership for Net Zero report

2 April, 2024

Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica (2018-2022) and Member of Club de Madrid, has presented the report to the King of Spain, President Sanchez, Vice President Ribera and Minister Albares. Club de Madrid calls for collaboration between governments, business and civil society to prioritize climate goals

Delivering the Pandemic Accord the World Needs

21 March, 2024

A new pandemic threat will emerge; there is no excuse not to be ready for it. That is why national leaders must complete negotiations on an effective, multisectoral, and multilateral agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response in time for the 77th World Health Assembly in May

The Voice and Value of Democracy

14 March, 2024

The Global Democracy Coalition has initiated a project spearheaded by Club de Madrid aimed at transforming the prevailing narrative and countering recent negative perceptions of democracy

Navalny’s Passing: The Ongoing Struggle for Democracy in Russia

16 February, 2024

His passing marks a critical moment in the fight for freedom and respect for human dignity. The international community must remain vigilant and committed to promoting democracy, human rights and justice

Club de Madrid calls for the return of Senegal to its democratic tradition and the release of protesters

6 February, 2024

We are extremely concerned about the situation and we ask the Government of Macky Sall to hold with normality and all guarantees the presidential elections scheduled for February 25. The stability and progress of Senegal depend on a solid commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and respect for free speech and peaceful assembly