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A Blow to Democratic Values: Club de Madrid on the Assassination Attempt in Slovakia

We call on the international community to condemn this act of violence and to support Slovakia in its effort to maintain stability and democracy. Global solidarity is essential to confront the challenges that threaten our democratic societies

Club de Madrid Warns Against Escalation Following Iran’s Attack on Israel

Club de Madrid strongly condemns the recent attack launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran on Israel, involving over 300 drones and missiles. Echoing UN Secretary-General António Guterres, we are deeply alarmed by the potential for a devastating regional escalation...

An Unacceptable Precedent: The Importance of a United Response to the Ecuador-Mexico Diplomatic Crisis

This crucial moment should serve as a call to action to ensure the protection of human rights and individual dignity and the promotion of democracy as a universal value

Navalny’s Passing: The Ongoing Struggle for Democracy in Russia

His passing marks a critical moment in the fight for freedom and respect for human dignity. The international community must remain vigilant and committed to promoting democracy, human rights and justice

Upholding Humanitarian Support: A Call to Resume UNRWA Funding

Upholding Humanitarian Support: A Call to Resume UNRWA Funding

In alignment with the appeal of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, we strongly urge those Member States involved to reconsider their decision and resume funding to UNRWA immediately, thereby ensuring that humanitarian assistance continues to reach those who need it most

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