An Unacceptable Precedent: The Importance of a United Response to the Ecuador-Mexico Diplomatic Crisis

Club de Madrid strongly condemns the invasion of the Mexican diplomatic headquarters in Ecuador by Ecuadorian security forces, an act that flagrantly violates the principles of international law. This act not only violates the fundamental agreements that underpin diplomatic relations between states – agreements that were maintained even during the harshest periods of dictatorship in Latin America – but also represents a major step backwards in the strengthening of democratic values and respect for the international rule of law.

This incident, characterised by a breach of both the American Convention on Diplomatic Asylum and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, demonstrates a profound disregard for the inviolability of diplomatic missions, the cornerstone of the international system. The arrest of former Vice-President Jorge Glas, who sought political asylum in Mexico, contravenes these international conventions and calls into question the commitment of states to the principles of democracy and mutual respect.The gravity of this act demands not only a strong condemnation by the international community but also a broad and unified response to reaffirm the importance of adhering to international law and democratic values.

Club de Madrid urges all nations and international organisations to respond decisively to this violation, recognising that respect for the sovereignty of diplomatic headquarters is fundamental to the peaceful coexistence of States. This crucial moment should serve as a call to action to ensure the protection of human rights and individual dignity and the promotion of democracy as a universal value.