Michelle Bachelet becomes Vice-President of Club de Madrid and Moussa Mara joins the Board of Directors

On 3 April, Bachelet was unanimously elected as one of the two Vice Presidents of Club de Madrid. After two sucessful terms as Vicepresident, Laura Chinchilla steps down from the vicepresidency but will remain as Board Member. Bachelet’s election will ensure that the Global South and the Latin American region continues to be well represented. The other vicepresidency will continue to be held by Han Seung-soo, who was Prime Minister of Korea between 2008 and 2009.

Moussa Mara, Prime Minister of Mali between 2014 and 2015, was also elected by and absolute majority to join the Board of Directors. He joins Joyce Banda and Aminata Touré as the Board representatives from the African region.

Club de Madrid currently has 124 Members with the recent addition of Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland from 2019 to 2023. Marin brings remarkable crisis management experience, as proven by her response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During her term, she also successfully negotiated and secured Finland’s NATO membership.

Bachelet has actively engaged in the organisation since leaving her position at the United Nations. She led discussions at the 2023 Policy Dialogue that we held in Brazil, in which she met with President Lula da Silva to advance the priorities of the organisation. She was also the organisation’s keynote speaker on the occasion of Women’s Day 2023.

With this new position, the former Chilean President reaffirms her commitment to the organisation and also to the defense of democratic values, human rights and the environment.