Moussa was Prime Minister of Mali from 2014 to 2015. He is the country’s youngest to hold the position of Prime Minister at the age of 39. 

Born 2 March 1975, Mr Mara is an expert accountant. He attended the New School of Business Management and the National Institute of Economic and Accounting Techniques (both in France), where he formed himself as an accountant, becoming a certified expert accountant in 1997. He served as the head of Mali’s largest audit firm, and continues to hold other responsibilities in Africa (member of juries, associate professor and member of international accounting structures). 

Prior to serving as Prime Minister, Mr Mara held the post of Minister in charge of urban Planning and City Policy in 2013, and served as the mayor of commune IV from 2009-2013.  His term as Prime minister was marked by ongoing violence between rebel groups, notably in the north of Mali. While on an official visit to Kidal in May 2014, violent clashes erupted between armed groups and Malian Army, a key moment that later became a symbol of government passivity toward the violent crisis in the North of Mali. Prime Minister Mara resigned from his post a year later in January 2015 at the request of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. Mr Mara was President from 2010 to 2021 of the party YELEMA “The Change”. 

Prime Minister Mara is currently a member of Malian parlamient, a lecturer in advanced accounting at CESAG Senegal, and a member of the international think tank (Re)sources. He has served as international consultant in the fields of Governance, Institutional, organizational and operational studies, assistance to countries and intergovernmental organizations: has carried out numerous interventions in Gabon, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal but also for the benefit of CIPRESS (social security, 17 member countries), CILSS (food security, 13 member countries), UEMOA (8 member countries), ECOWAS (15 member countries). 

His expertise and experience have enabled him to publish several articles in his field of expertise as well as on political, governance and security and development issues. Prime Minister Mara has also authored books including “For a Better Mali” (2006) and “The State in Mali: Presentation and Diagnosis” (2010).