A Blow to Democratic Values: Club de Madrid on the Assassination Attempt in Slovakia

Club de Madrid expresses its deep concern and strongly condemns the recent assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. This act of violence not only targets the life of a democratically elected leader but also undermines the fundamental principles of democracy and the rule of law.

We stand in solidarity with Prime Minister Fico, his family, and the Slovak people during this difficult time. We condemn any form of political violence and call on all parties to respect democratic processes and resolve differences through dialogue and peace.

The assassination attempt on a democratic leader is a direct affront to the values we uphold. This act not only endangers the political stability of Slovakia but also sends a worrying message about the state of democracy in the region and the world. It is crucial that all citizens and leaders reject violence and work together to strengthen our democratic institutions.

Democracy, freedom, and the rule of law are fundamental pillars of the EU, and any attack on these principles in one of its member states reverberates throughout the entire European community. It is essential that the EU remains united and firm in defending these shared values. It is fundamental to ensure the safety of all democratic leaders so they can perform their duties without fear of violence or reprisals.

Club de Madrid reaffirms its commitment to supporting democracies around the world. We will continue working to promote the values of freedom, equality, justice, and peace. In times of crisis and stark polarisation, it is more important than ever for democracies to remain strong and resilient.

We call on the international community to condemn this act of violence and to support Slovakia in its effort to maintain stability and democracy. Global solidarity is essential to confront the challenges that threaten our democratic societies.