International Financial Architecture Reform and Financing for Development (IFA-FfD)

Recent years have witnessed unprecedented turmoil affecting both human and planetary well-being. Climate change, coupled with challenges such as war, poverty, digitalization, and inequality, has created a global crisis that demands immediate, decisive, and collective action. Critical to addressing these issues is substantial, targeted financing that prioritizes both people and the planet, transcending traditional economic metrics to embrace moral and existential imperatives.

Key discussions in 2024 and 2025, including the United Nations Summit of the Future, the G20 presidencies of Brazil and South Africa, and the 4th International Conference on Financing for Development, will shape our path forward. The Pact for the Future, the Declaration for Future Generations, and the Global Digital Compact will play essential roles in driving sustainable and equitable progress, particularly through reforms in international financial architecture and financing for development.

This ImPACT coalition session will convene to address the need for enhanced financing for development and for the reform of the International Financial Architecture. The policy discussions will focus on critical areas such as: expanding multilateral financing for the SDGs, rethinking development measurement, addressing sovereign debt issues, and reforming IFIs’ governance and promoting international tax cooperation. The coalition will continue working after SOTF towards the IV International Conference on F4D in 2025.

ImPACT Coalition

International Financial Architecture Reform and Financing for Development (IFA-FfD)

UN Civil Society Conference in Support of the Summit of the Future | Room CR-1

10 May 2024, 12:30 – 14:00



  • Moussa Mara, Member of Club de Madrid (CdM) and Prime Minister of Mali (2014-2015).

Presentation of recommendations

  • Expanding Multilateral Financing for the SDGs, Nathalie Samarasinghe, Global Director of Advocacy at Open Society Foundation; and Francesca Mancarella, Policy Officer for the World Farmers’ Organisation and Focal Point of the Farmers Major Group.
  • Climate Financing, Wanjiru Kenyiiha, Network Coordinator at Global Public Investment; and Jean McLean, Director of Engagement at IEED-Europe.
  • Rethinking Development Measurement, African Development Bank (TBC); and Lianne Guerra, President and co-founder at Intergenerational Centre for Global Action (ICGA).
  • Addressing Sovereign Debt Issues, Moussa Mara, Prime Minister of Mali (2014-2015), Member of CdM.
  • Reforming IFIs’ Governance, Vitória Gonzalez, Researcher, Plataforma CIPÓ; and Norma Goicochea Estenoz, President of the Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU).
  • International Tax Cooperation Maria Ron Balsera, Interim Executive Director, Center for Economic and Social Rights.


  • H.E. Neville Gertze, Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia to the United Nations in its capacity of Co-facilitator of the SOTF
  • H.E. Henriette Geiger, Ambassador of the European Union to Kenya (TBC).
  • Representative of Spain, in its capacity of Co-facilitator of the ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development, and host of the 2025 International Conference on Financing for Development (TBC).


The event will be moderated by Agustina Briano, Outreach and Development Coordinator, Club de Madrid, and Muznah Siddiqui, Global Governance Research and Planning Associate, UN University Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR).