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Step in the Right Direction for the New Pandemic Treaty

A global, coordinated response to contain health threats and deliver countermeasures equitably is essential to stopping outbreaks from becoming global pandemics

Withdrawing Women’s Rights Damages Democracy

Joint statement by the following former Heads of State and Government: President Banda, PM Birkavs, President Calmy-Rey, PM Campbell, President Cardoso, PM Clark, President Grybauskaitė, President Halonen, President Heine, PM Jomaa, President Josipovic, President Kumaratunga, President Kwaśniewski, PM Lagumdzija, PM Leterme, President Meidani, President Michel, PM Panyarachun, PM Papandreou, President of the Government Rodríguez Zapatero, PM Shipley, and President Türk; Representative of Constituent Foundation: Cristina Manzano; and Club de Madrid advisors: Sean Cleary, Rut C. Diamint, Jerry Jones, Alexander Likhotal, Susana Malcorra, Ted Piccone, and Timothy Phillips.

First Public Statement of Co-Chairs of the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism

We see the deep divisions among and within States. We see the loss of trust in institutions and in the ability of global leaders to deliver for people. But we also see the incredible potential for innovation in times of crisis. And we are inspired by the millions of people who voiced their demands in the UN75 process and others, calling for more equitable, inclusive approaches to global decision-making.

10 recommendations for a European response to the Ukraine invasion

Club de Madrid and EPD members have come together to call on EU institutions and European governments to respond to the crisis with a democracy-focused approach

We Should take up China’s offer to facilitate dialogue for peace

We Should take up China’s offer to facilitate dialogue for peace

In just 10 days, the Ukraine - Russia conflict has disquietingly deepened and escalated in violation of the UN Charter, Ukraine's territorial integrity and international law, producing thousands of casualties, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and over 1.5 million Ukrainians fleeing the...

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Club de Madrid has been following the evolution of the COVID-19 virus at a global scale these past few weeks. We want...

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