Statement Articles

Club de Madrid Reiterates Call to End War in Ukraine

Club de Madrid urges Presidents Xi, Putin and Zelensky to embed proposals that emerge from upcoming exchanges in binding commitments in accordance with UN Charter

One year standing with Ukraine

Today marks one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A year with terrible consequences for the lives of every Ukrainian.One year later, Club de Madrid continues to support the people of Ukraine in their resistance to the Russian invasion and calls for a peaceful...

Club de Madrid calls for the immediate release of Navalny and other political prisoners in Russia

Club de Madrid will not turn a blind eye to such a profound attack on democracy, human and fundamental rights. Neither will we ignore the thousands of political prisoners who remain confined around the world because of their defence of democratic principles

Club de Madrid condemns the violent assault on Brazil’s democratic institutions

Respecting the democratic will of the people and the country’s institutions, as well as a peaceful transition of power, is fundamental to maintain and strengthen an inclusive democratic practice.