Club de Madrid calls for the immediate release of Navalny and other political prisoners in Russia

The conditions of Navalny’s detention, his solitary confinement and the lack of adequate medical treatment are, in clear violation of human rights, gravely deteriorating his health and endangering his life.

Committed to democracy and democratic practice, Club de Madrid and its Members have expressed their concern over the seriously undermined respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law, basic principles of democratic practice. We have also called on the international community to make every effort to end the war in Ukraine, restoring its territorial integrity and bringing perpetrators of war crimes to justice.

We cannot defend democracy without defending Navalny. Club de Madrid will not turn a blind eye to such a profound attack on democracy, human and fundamental rights. Neither will we ignore the thousands of political prisoners who remain confined around the world because of their defence of democratic principles.

The international community should spare no effort to do the same.