Club de Madrid stands with the people of Ukraine

18th March 2022 – Ukraine: No military solution

“There is no military solution to this armed conflict and to its underlying political problems.  We strongly urge all parties involved in the fighting to agree on an immediate ceasefire and to commit to the needed de-escalation. Only dialogue and diplomacy can lead to ending the suffering of the civilian population and to increasing global insecurity and political and economic instability.”

8th March 2022 – We should take up China’s offer to facilitate dialogue for peace

“It is vital that we initiate and sustain concrete efforts to restore peace and People’s Republic of China Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s latest statement, calling on all parties to settle disputes by peaceful means, through dialogue and negotiation, and to “…respect and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.” provides a unique opportunity to do so.”

24th February 2022 – Club de Madrid calls on President Putin to pull back from the abyss

“The 20th Century brought bloodshed to Europe and two world wars. There is still time to act courageously and responsibly and pull back from the abyss. International calls for dialogue and diplomatic action must not go unheard. Let us not forget the mistakes of the past, let us listen to the concerns of all parties and act constructively to build a better future for all our populations.”

22th February 2022 – No war is inevitable. This is the moment for diplomacy

“Some critical steps are needed immediately: shelling in Donbas should stop; Russia should take concrete steps to de-escalate; and international actors and the media should refrain from any statement or act suggesting that war is inevitable. It is not. All issues, including the most intractable ones, have to be addressed through diplomatic processes that need to include the following five points…”

7th March 2014 – Club de Madrid Statement on Ukraine

“Ukrainian people have amply demonstrated their desire to acquire a new government, more responsive to the needs of its people, and plans are in place for democratic elections to confirm this. We fully support their desire for a more democratic and a more inclusive society and hope that they can make such a transition without further bloodshed and without armed interference from abroad. The Club de Madrid stands ready to accompany them in this journey.”