Club de Madrid calls on President Putin to pull back from the abyss

Club de Madrid strongly condemns the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia as a flagrant breach of national sovereignty, international law and international treaties that will put innocent lives at risk. We defend Ukraine’s right to peace, prosperity and democracy and call on President Putin to immediately stop all military action and return to diplomatic channels.

As expressed by Club de Madrid Members already back in 2014, military occupation is not only contrary to international law and the rights of sovereign nations, as expressed in the UN Charter and numerous other documents, but also undermines the political and security architecture of Europe and threatens peace and stability across the globe.

This conflict carries a very serious risk of escalation. At a time when the world is submerged in health, climate and financial crisis, it can derail important global efforts to build back better.

World leaders must stand strong and united sending clear signals in the defense of Ukrainian territorial integrity and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Underlying tensions will not be resolved through the military occupation of Ukraine. Challenges will persist and the best way to find sustainable and effective solutions is through political means in engagement with all relevant multilateral institutions, starting with the UN and the UN Charter that binds us all, but also the OSCE and NATO.

The 20th Century brought bloodshed to Europe and two world wars. There is still time to act courageously and responsibly and pull back from the abyss. International calls for dialogue and diplomatic action must not go unheard. Let us not forget the mistakes of the past, let us listen to the concerns of all parties and act constructively to build a better future for all our populations.

We stand with the people from Ukraine and with the UN Charter. It is never too late.

Danilo Türk

President of Club de Madrid