Women, Minorities and Leadership with Sima Samar

Appointed Vice Chairperson of the Afghan Interim Administration and Minister of Women's Affairs in 2001, Dr. Sima Samar headed the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission for 17 years. We now have her on our podcast to talk to us about the situation of women and minorities in Afghanistan.

Diversity and young political leaders, with Yannick Shetty

We talk about diversity and the importance of the participation of youth in politics with Mr. Yannick Shetty. He is the youngest member of the Austrian Parliament. He participates in the Committees on Buildings and Housing, Consumer Protection, Equal Treatment, Sports, Environment, Education, Accounting, and Incompatibility. He is also the party’s spokesperson on issues regarding LGBTQI+, inclusion, youth and sports.

Inclusive Leadership and youth participation in Africa, with Timothy Mtambo and Lennon Monyae

We discussed inclusive development and youth participation in Africa with Mr. Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, former Minister for Civic Education and National Unity in Malawi, and Mr. Lennon Monyae, Youth Liaison Officer and Researcher of the African Peer Review Mechanism. This podcast episode is part of Political Voices for Inclusion, a Club de Madrid initiative, in collaboration with The Charter Project Africa. It is co-funded by the European Union and its contents are the sole responsibility of The Charter Project Africa and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

Promoviendo el liderazgo inclusivo y la igualdad, con Epsy Campbell

La ex vicepresidenta de Costa Rica Epsy Campbell participa en el podcast 'Democracy in Practice' para explicar su importante labor en la promoción de la inclusión y la igualdad y cuáles son los siguientes pasos a seguir en este sentido. Campbell es la primera mujer afrocostarricense y la segunda mujer afrodescendiente en ocupar un alto cargo como el de vicepresidenta en el continente americano. Actualmente es miembro del Foro Permanente de Afrodescendientes de las Naciones Unidas, desde donde sigue trabajando para promover la igualdad de género y la inclusión de los pueblos afrodescendientes.

Successful approaches to inclusive leadership with Anna Tarhata Basman

Atty. Anna Tarhata S. Basman is currently one of the Deputy Floor Leaders of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, in the Philippines. Today, reflecting on her own background and experiences, Ms. Basman will share with us her perspective on successful approaches to inclusive leadership. Ms. Basman is a champion of the topic, through her extensive work on the rehabilitation of Marawi as well as through her role as chair on the committee on accounts and the Sub-committee on Disadvantaged.

Pandemic Convention with Barbara Stocking, Chair of the Panel for a Global Public Health Convention

Today we will be discussing with Barbara Stocking, Chair of the Panel for a Global Public Health Convention (PGPHC), the need of creating a global instrument to build a robust global public health system. Over the past 2 years, Club de Madrid (CdM) has worked with the PGPHC to prioritise the reform of the global public health system to ensure a global health architecture capable of preventing future pandemics, while also supporting the recommendations of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Prevention and Response (IPPPR), the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), and others. Specifically, CdM and the PGPHC focused their advocacy on the need for a global treaty, convention, or international agreement and brought this to the decision-making levels in the UN system.

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