Fuad Siniora speaks on Lebanon and the Middle East in a World in Transition

 As attention is focused on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which is expected to deliver an indictment in the near future, and amid mounting speculation about the impact of this indictment on the stability of the country, Fuad Siniora spoke about his vision of Lebanon in a region in transition, reflecting on the major events of his premiership: the 2006 war, the setting up of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the Nahr el Bared war, Lebanon’s relations with Syria and efforts to stabilise its power-sharing system.

He analyzed how important it is to achieve peace in the Middle East through a just and lasting settlement for the Palestinian issue, and preserve Lebanon as a model fostering democracy, achieving justice, and preserving diversity, and how these objectives are crucial not just for the Arab and Muslim world, but for the world in times of changes and power shifts.