G-40 presents its strategic plan 2013-2015 to representatives of Embassies EU and UN in Ethiopia

Representatives of organizations in the region of the Horn of Africa – Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somaliland and Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and Djibouti – met the second week of November in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in search of results that guarantee inclusive security processes, which consider gender equality as an objective of peace and development in the greater Horn of Africa.

Among the expected results for their work in the next two years are integrating gender perspective in legal and political frameworks, increasing the amount of women and participation in decision making processes regarding peace and security, so as to reduce violence against women in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Their strategy will be put into effect both at a national and regional level. The activities that they put into effect include the follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of Resolution 1325 of the United Nations Security Council; contribution to the development and/or implementation of Resolution 1325 in eight countries through the active participation of civil society; strengthening of the functionality and visibility of the Regional Alliance for the achievement of its objectives; visibility and formation relating to sexual and gender violence.

The population of this region, where areas of insecurity live prone to conflict situations, appears seriously affected by the impact of violence and political instability. In spite of the efforts made to take the political participation of men and women into account, the internationally agreed upon pro-equality standards in instruments such as the Security Council Resolution 1325, have not been achieved. The agendas of reconstruction of peace have been incomplete and fragile when including women and men, so as to serve the needs and interests of men and women.


The G-40 mission is to promote gender inclusive and gender responsive peace and security in the Greater Horn of Africa under the framework of UNSCR 1325.

Our specific objectives are:

1)    Gender mainstreamed into policies and legal frameworks on peace and security.

2)    Increased and enhanced women´s participation in decision-making on democracy, peace and security.

3)    Reduced violence against women in conflict and post conflict situations.

G40 The G40 is a Regional Alliance of women leaders from diverse professions including teachers, humanitarian workers, lawyers, grassroots peace activists, researchers, political scientists, business professionals, historians, social workers, human rights activists and journalists from across the Horn of Africa. The Alliance is a consolidation of the work of 40 women who participated in a Club de Madrid three-year project on `Women´s Leadership for Peace and Security in the Greater Horn of Africa.’ with project partners the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and Isis Women’s International Cross-Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE). The G40 Regional Alliance is uniquely placed to build bridges across geographic, political, religious, ideological, cultural and age divides and is channelling the voices of women from the Greater Horn of Africa to impact on current peace, security and development processes.

Contact Details:

Chair: Ms. Alupo Engole Cecilia

Email: tesowomen@yahoo.com

Communications: Ms Asma Ahmed

Email: Asmaa@idcs-sd.net