Interview with Club de Madrid SG in the spanish public television

In recent years there has been backsliding on previously achieved progress in democratic quality and the distance between citizens and representatives is getting bigger and bigger. On this scenario the Club de Madrid is working on a “ambitious program to improve the quality of democracy in the countries where it already exists and to bring new democracy where it is not implemented” as Carlos Westendorp states in this interview. The project will try to answer question such as What could this mean when rethinking the global social contract of the future? What is at stake for democracies across different regions in times of systemic change? or How should democracy evolve so as to become more effective, live up to its core values, and gain citizens engagement back?


The program also includes a report on the Shared Societies Project Working Group on Double Discrimination that was held in Madrid the 1-2 of October with quotes from Club de Madrid Member, Chandrika Kumaratunga, and former Prime Minister of Perú, Beatriz Merino

Watch here the full interview (in spanish. It starts at time code 7:10)