Jobs and Inclusive Growth main themes of Club de Madrid Annual Conference

Given the critical importance of a well-functioning labor market for sustained growth and the stability of democracy, Members have agreed to centre this year´s Club de Madrid Annual Conference on this topic. More than 100 high level participants are expected; 30 Club de Madrid Members (all of them former PM’s and Presidents) plus academics, stakeholders and high profile experts. President of the US, Bill Clinton; former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, or Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, will participate via video, among others. 

In this link  you will find a draft program and list of participants that includes former PM’s and Presidents from Holland, Latvia, Chile, New Zealand, Mexico, Mauritius, Seychelles, Bolivia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Norway, Sudan or Yemen, just to name a few.  Also representatives from the G20, Gallup International, Green Cross International, the ILO or the World Bank will attend. 

The Conference will be held in the Palmer Coluum Resort (Brisbane, Queensland) the 7-8 December. It will be hosted by Australian MP and Joint Secretary General of the World Leadership Alliance, Clive Palmer, and co-sponsored by Queensland Nickel, Mineralogy and the Nizami Ganjavi International Center, from Azerbaijan. The International Labour Organization is the knowledge partner of the Conference.

Club de Madrid believes this is an ideal moment to act on the future of jobs and society and what this entails for democracy. Governments, multilateral organizations and civil society are all struggling to address this major challenge of unemployment and social unrest and it is no news that policy makers must find coordinated answers.

This is particularly relevant to the post-2015 scenario and the G-20 agenda. During the Conference we will seek to share best practices and identify strategies that can serve to tackle the structural problems present, in different shapes and forms, in societies worldwide, by addressing the improvements needed in policies and institutions to ensure economic growth, “decent jobs” and greater prosperity for all.

This analysis and call to action will count on the experience and independent views of many Club de Madrid Members – all democratic, former political leaders from around the world – and the expertise of specialists in the field representatives from governments, multilaterals, business, academia and civil society.

Click here to check out our Conference web page with detailed information about programe and participants