Jorge Sampaio participates in a World Bank meeting in Tunisia

Starting from Sunday 18th and until Wednesday 21st,  President Sampaio visited the country within the Club de Madrid collaboration with the World Bank Africa. The target audience of the workshop Sustainability of Governance Reforms in MENA were government officials, civiel society organizations and media representatives from all over the region including Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, WBG, Egypt and Yemen.

There were also outside speakers and international experts from Mexico (the Director of the Global initiative on Fiscal Transparency) Indonesia (vice head of the Open Government Partnership Indonesia Chair), Portugal (expert on petition policies), and Colombia (a judge from the supreme court). Guenter, Sector Manager, MENA Public Sector and Governance Department, World Bank, opened the workshop and provided an overview on the governance context in the region. President Sampaio gave the keynote speech followed by Minister Hedi Larbi. 

Mr Sampaio shared his experience in democratic transitions with tunisian key political and CSO actors, as part of the Club de Madrid committment with #democracy in the #MENA region,  such as Tunisian President of the Constituent Assembly  Mustapha Ben Jaâfar,  and Rached Ghannouchi راشد الغنوشي (leader of Ennahda movement, Tunisia’s main Islamist political party. 

Check out here some pictures of Sampaio’s activity in Tunisia