Kofi Annan: “Young people have paid the heaviest price in terms of lost jobs and dashed prospects”

Mr. Annan said that the grievances of young people are understandable, because “they have been the least responsible for the economic downturn, yet have paid the heaviest price in terms of lost jobs and dashed prospects”. He also remembered that 23.4 millions of young people worlwide are out of employment, and that they are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than the older population.

He also stated that, despite some recovery experienced in many countries hit by the economic crisis, the global youth unemployemnt rate has risen slightly over the past years. ”It is not surprising that young people have been at the forefront of the world’s recent mass protests”, added Mr. Annan.

The former Secretary General of the UN called the governments of the G-20 to tackle the root causes of youth unemployment, locating the necesary resources to offer a quality education and vocational training. “Governments must also establish conducive enviroments for dynamic entrepreneurship and help to release the creative energy of the young”, said Mr. Annan.

Mr. Annnan declared that, due to its leadership, the Club de Madrid is “uniquely positioned” to way in decisively in the issue of high unemployment. Which is, according to him, one of the word’s most present problems both in developing and developed economies.