Laura Chinchilla leads mission in Paraguay to support implementation of law on violence against women

Former President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, is in Paraguay to provide political impetus for the implementation of Law 5777/16, aimed at protecting women against all forms of violence.

This mission is part of the INSPIRED+ project, implemented by Club de Madrid (CdM) ad co-financed by the EU, which seeks to contribute through multi-stakeholder, inclusive dialogue processes to the effective implementation of fundamental HHRR and International Labour Organization’s conventions.

Within the framework of this project, Laura Chinchilla will forward the recommendations by civil society, such as Decidamos – Campaña por la Expresión Ciudadana, to top-ranking officials and ministers of Paraguay. Having received policy recommendations for the effective implementation of the law to protect women and girls from all forms of violence, the former President of Costa Rica will translate them to officials like the Minister for Women, the State Attorney and the Minister for Childhood, among others.